Aria 7g – Recyclable plastic pouch




Aria has been meticulously blended and roasted to cut through milk and give a full flavour. Good as an espresso and long black too. These pods are labelled 7g, but really they are between 7.5 and 7.9g. That’s 50% more coffee than in a standard Nespresso or Aldi pod!

Roast: Medium

Origins: Ethiopia / Sumatra / India / Colombia

Notes: Sweet buttery start, earthy, with hints of liquorice, full depth and aftertaste. Great with or without milk

Packaging: The Pod is compostable and can go into your garden or organic waste bin (green bin). The plastic package can go to your local soft plastics recycling drop. Click here for zero waste Aria blend pods.

All our single pods are a full 7g dose of precisely ground and tamped coffee. They are fully compostable, apart from the plastic pouch, which can be recycled along with your soft plastics. For fully compostable, zero waste coffee, see our new earth friendly pods. Currently available in Aria 7g pods.

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