Handpresso Auto 12V Travel Set

$279.00 inc. GST

Espresso coffee in your car!

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With this travel set, you have everything needed for your espresso break in the car.

Handpresso Auto is a coffee maker that helps you prepare your espresso in your car in only 2 minutes! It can heat the water from cold, but if you use a flask of hot water, it is even faster!

It plugs into the 12 volt cigarette lighter plug and sits in the cup holder.

When you open it, it can be used as a tray and its lodgings make it easy to use the machine and drink your espresso.

Pods, sugar and spoons fit perfectly inside.


  • Contains: 1 bag, 1 Handpresso auto, 2 unbreakable cups and 1 napkin
  • Coffee: short and strong (50ml) espresso
  • Coffee format : Our pods or ground coffee
  • Pressure : 16 bar
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Power supply: (12v) cigarette-lighter plug
  • Preparation time : 2 minutes



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