Pods. But good!

Make great coffee without any training… with pods! Podium Coffee are bridging the divide between tiny plastic pods and the coffee from your favourite cafe, and caring for the planet on the way.

Our system has been the gold standard in Italy for more than 40 years. The Italians have worked out how to get real espresso and cappuccino at home with a method that requires no barista training, and with very affordable equipment.

Podium Coffee is Australia’s source of barista quality, eco-friendly coffee pods. Our pods are delicious, great value, and no-mess no-fuss. No noisy coffee grinder needed, but still delivering the freshly-ground coffee smell we all love. Almost no cleanup! Best of all you can throw it directly onto the compost or into your green-waste bin.

Our pods will change the way you think about pod coffee. Rich flavours, full body, and real thick crema with no gimmicks. Our pods contain the same amount of coffee as a single shot at your favourite cafe! Not a tiny 5 gram plastic pod, but 7 grams! They are precisely ground, tamped, and packaged in a type of paper that is 100% compostable. Then the pods are packed in pouches flushed with nitrogen to keep the coffee fresh for up to 2 years!