Compostable Pods?

Coffee has earned a bad reputation for producing millions of tonnes of landfill. It is true that some coffee pods can be recycled, but it is not a simple process and they  often end up in landfill, as explained by this article.

Used capsules remain more than 500 years
Used capsules are an environmental disaster when not properly recycled

The coffee inside the pods is always organic, but most pods have compounds in them that can’t break down in a way to benefit the environment, lasting between 150-500 years. In addition, the aluminium used for the biggest producer is “virgin”, meaning it is not from recycled materials, but newly refined metal.

We are proud to be selling Pods made from 100% compostable packaging that meets the European standard EN 13432. The pod paper has no effect on the flavour of the coffee, and once used, can be thrown into your compost. The outer pouch meets the same standard, and will compost within 6 months depending on the industrial composting system. Some of our pods are packaged in a foil backed plastic, which can easily be recycled at your local soft plastics recycling drop-off.

Zero waste?

Public and private enterprise are working towards Zero Waste, and are making great progress. We hope to partner Government departments and private enterprise to help you meet your goals of zero waste by using our compostable pods. As a healthy by-product, your staff will enjoy great coffee too!